Pandemic Video and Photos O’ Day 145

1965 – More than a century after black Americans are granted voting rights, the federal Voting Rights Act is enacted to enforce and protect those rights.

August 6th


It was Tuesday when the massive explosion destroyed swaths of Beirut, Lebanon. I could have used one of these photos yesterday for the Photo O’ Day 144.

But, I didn’t have it in me this time yesterday to use a photo or two of that enormous tragedy.

I don’t want to look at and share one or two photos from the aftermath in Beirut. Yet, if I’m to be true to the spirit of this daily feature, I need to chronicle what the world is seeing during these Pandemic days and nights.

From Time Magazine – “Beirut Was Already Suffering, Then Came a Deadly Explosion”


If we’re honest and not seeking distraction or desiring denial, then this should be the “song of the summer of 2020”:

Here’s three versions of the video – each capturing the song in differing ways:

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