Pandemic Photo O’ Day 144

2014 – Black workers at Memphis, Tennessee, cotton gin file discrimination lawsuit after white supervisor uses racial slurs and threatens to hang them for drinking from “white” water fountain.

August 5th


Since I started chronicling each day of this Pandemic Period I’ve noticed that sometimes what will be the Photo O’ Day becomes clear to me early in the day. Often, there’s an “iconic” image that I see in a news story or on social media and I know immediately to capture that photo and use it to represent a moment in time during this unprecedented period.

And then there’s days like today in which I’m not on news sites much during the day. Plus, I don’t have any stories saved from a day or two earlier in which images caught my attention.

Yet, I did have a moment that I captured with my phone camera:

It’s descent photo of the just past full moon for August – the Sturgeon Moon – rising over my neighbor’s home.

I was out walking Lucy the Dog at about 11 pm and there it was – a moment of beauty, simplicity and wonder. And it’s the moment I want to use to remember this day.

Yes, things are pretty ugly in the U.S. now as the coronavirus is still kicking our nation’s proverbial butt.

Yet, beauty which causes awe still exists if we have the eyes to see it – even (especially) in the midst of this Pandemic Period.

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