Pandemic Photos O’ Day 85

It’s late on Saturday night (actually Sunday morning at 0145) so I’m going to keep this brief and forgo the articles for today.

I will include, as promised a few days ago, the historical event which took place tomorrow as listed on the Equal Justice Initiative calendar:

1920 – William Simmons, head of the Ku Klux Klan, hires publicists to grow membership; nearly 100,00 people join the terror group in the next 16 months.

June 7th

These three photos are connected. And I think they can pretty much speak for themselves and thus need only a few words of description.

This one, taken in my basement is about the lost past, uncomfortable present, and hopeful future.

The lost past is represented by the US Men’s Soccer jersey which they wore in the World Cup 2014. Only one international, professional soccer league is playing so far this summer of 2020.

The uncomfortable present is represented by the cloth face coverings which have quickly become a part of our lives these day.

And the hopeful future is the “Vote 2020” patch on the cloth face coverings.

Taken at a Black Lives Matter Rally on Friday the 6th of June

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