Pandemic Photos and Articles O’ Day 83

It’s late (0145) as I write this, but I’m not nearly as spent as I was when I posted yesterday’s Pandemic Photo O’ Day 82.

Although it was our first full day having our new pooch Lucy in our family, I don’t have any photos to share of her today. I was too busy petting and playing with her that I didn’t snap any shots.

Before I get to the articles and photos of the day, two features of this post – the first of which I’ve already added once or twice:

Screenshot from a few minutes ago…

And the second feature involves this calendar which until very recently was hanging in my classroom:

This 2020 calendar is put out by the Equal Justice Initiative who offer extensive and important resources at their website –

Every day, the calendar notes a happening which shows oppression and injustice resulting from racism or (sadly fewer days note this) concrete steps taken towards racial and broader social justice.

I will be noting here the next day’s historical event(s) so you can begin tomorrow keeping in mind the people and places affected by the injustice which happened in the U.S. past.

2013 – North Carolina House votes to repeal Racial Justice Act, ending remedy for racial bias in capital trials.

2018 – UN Human Rights Office urges U.S. to stop separating immigrant families.

JUNE 5th

Here’s some interesting and relevant articles I discovered in the past few days:

[Analysis] “Three Reasons Stocks are Rising”

[Data] “Ten Things We Know About Race and Policing in the U.S.”

[Data Analysis] “U.S. Racial Inequality in 6 Stark Charts”

[Data] “How to Reform American Police, According to Experts”

[Steps for Action] Campaign Zero#eightcantwait – be sure to check out this last link as these are eight things muncipalities could/should do to bring more just policing to their citizens. And you can find your city or town and see how many of these eight is already is or isn’t doing!

My personal Pandemic Photo O’ Day 83 combines three symbolic elements:

#1 – The three iced cookies were given to me as I checked out of my classroom and school for the final time as I’m going to be teaching at a different, local Catholic high school next fall.

#2 – My daughter baked the chocolate chip cookies last night before we got home with our new pooch. She also made a thank you card for me and my wife as she knows not only did we drive all day to pick up Lucy, but it’s a huge commitment we are making to care for her today, tomorrow and the next day…

#3 – The puzzle is the one I bought a while back when our cool Book Loft re-opened. I’m close to completing this 1,000 piece jigsaw. Not sure if I’ll start another one as the weather has warmed and I want to spend less time at this desk/table and more outside!

As I’m hearing more and more as a salutation – “Stay safe!”

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