Pandemic Photos O’ Day 121

1863 – Poor white laborers riot in New York City against Union draft that exempts African Americans and anyone else for $300 fee; rioters kill or injure 1,000 people, most of them African Americans.

July 13th


I’m tired and it’s pretty late (0132) so I’m going to keep this short tonight.

Friday’s Photo O’ Day bordered on a rant as I worked at a wedding reception in which zero meaningful precautions were taken to prevent infection by COVID during this Pandemic.

On Sunday, I worked another gig for the same temp agency and it was quit a bit better – although it didn’t start that way.

As I made the commitment to work this “house” graduation party before the debacle on Friday night, I agreed to keep my promise to work under two conditions. First, that my service at the party would be completely outside. Second, that when my “boss” at the party speaks to me or my colleague from the temp agency he/she would be masked and would keep social distance.

If you read my Friday post, you’ll recall that my “boss,” the wedding planner at Friday’s event, was not masked and she insisted on being a “close talker” – even when I asked her to give me six feet of social distance.

The house for the grad party is on the left, partially obscured by the trees.

My scheduling manager at the temp agency understood these two requirements and told me he’d call the host of the party to let him know these requirements.

I arrived at the home of the party and the host & hostess immediately showed me where my colleague and I will be serving the food – inside of the house! And neither of them are wearing a mask!

When I heard this, I reacted directly and told them that my colleague and I would only work outside as we were promised. The host/hostess seemed surprised by this, but I told them about the Friday reception and how it was a hot, COVID-likely mess! Turns out, they said, my scheduling manager did not call them to give them the heads-up about our need to work outside.

To their credit, they snapped into action and together we figured out a way for my colleague and I to be outside serving the catered food. We got lucky and a rainstorm missed us and eventually the sun came out.

The view from the backyard where I served on Sunday.

Their backyard was large and ideal for a party. The party seemed to be a success and I believe my colleague and I were generally safe as we served.

Yet, I’m troubled by how, similar to Friday night, this group of almost all white people didn’t seem to be taking the threat of COVID particularly seriously. Maybe ten of the sixty or so guests wore masks and I did see what looked like six feet of social distancing as some of the adults stood and talked. The teens for whom the party was held and their invited friends weren’t keeping distance, of course.

Again, concern for curtailing the spread of this potentially deadly virus seemed minimal at Sunday’s event and I see this as further evidence of how hard it will continue to be for this nation – with the most COVID cases in the world – to get this coronavirus under control.

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