Presence Podcast: Words For Now and Later – I is for “I”

Who remembers December 2006 when YOU (and me) were designated as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006?

So, how’s that focus on “I” on the internet worked out for everyone over the last 14 years?

John Freeman, in his Dictionary of the Undoing, gives insight into the “I” of today and why it’s much more powerful to agitate for societal change as a “we” (see below for his “ode to we”)

And in this Presence Podcast episode, I reflect on the re-emergence of the powerful “we” in the uprising for racial justice:

Words For Now and Later: I is for “I”—I-is-for-I-eftokv

The kind of WE that our societies need to build ought not to be the kind that is for sale.

It is a complicated WE

A fractious WE

A thoughtful WE

A slow WE

A WE that moves at the speed of conversation, not product cycles

A WE that is durable and decent

A WE that looks outward and tries to invite people in rather than remind those who aren’t here that they have missed out.

Page 56 – The Dictionary of the Undoing by John Freeman, 2020

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