Pandemic Photo O’ Day 59

You guessed it – late again (0139)

This was tougher one than usual because two of my sources of photos – surfing/reading many articles and/or walking outside – were both things that I didn’t do much today.

It’s been chilly, so my only time outside today was to roll out the garbage can for tomorrow’s pick-up. Thus, I was outside of my house for all of 45 seconds or so.

I’m not proud of this. Yet, it is what it is.

I did find myself dancing in the kitchen this early afternoon as I unloaded the dishwasher. It was because I was listening to a podcast and they played this song:

The podcast to which I referred that made me dance around the kitchen was this tribute to Little Richard who died on Sunday:

All Songs Considered – Little Richard’s Life in 10 Songs

I recommend a listen to this podcast because it opened up to me the importance of music to Little Richard’s life and also how much he influenced both the music and the musicians who followed him.

Plus, his songs are so catchy and just plain fun to which to listen:

There were some great tribute articles to him. My favorite headline is this one: “Little Richard: The ‘King and Queen’ of Rock and Roll Dead at 87”

One more of his great songs:

It is worth noting this in the video – Little Richard performed during the time of segregation. Notice how it’s all white kids in the audience and yet it’s all African-American performers.

Little Richard, member of the inaugural induction class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, may you rest in peace and enjoy jamming in heaven with Prince, Michael, Bowie and Aretha.

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