Pandemic Video and Playlist O’ Day 52 – May the Fourth

Since it’s a singular day on the calendar, it’s a bonus (and early – 2317) edition of this feature.

First, the official video for this day:

Let’s get into the music. First, directed by the composer himself:

How about one of the most fun and memorable songs from the films:

Today’s the day to share this very special Top Ten parody songs with you.

First, I recommend this thoughtful article about the King of Parody and a genius hero of mine:

NOTE: The beginning of the article links to a podcast where you can listen to the article rather than reading it.

Today’s the day for this b/c two of my Top Ten favorite parodies by Al are Star Wars themed:

Two hip-hop parodies:

One of the silliest and most spot-on parodies:

Three of his more recent creations:

And going way back to when I first fell in love with Al:

Yep – Weird Al deserves to be in the Rock Hall of Fame!

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