Pandemic Pastimes: The Divine Office by Fr. Ed Hayes

Yep, it’s another feature. Times like this demand on-going categories of posts.

This feature, Pandemic Pastimes (there’s lots of alliteration with “P for Pandemic”) will offer different, constructive ways to spend this time in Social Distancing.

An always great way to spend time, especially during this Holy Season of Lent is by praying the Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours.

So if you are burdened with some fear, I suggest you slowly love and accept whatever worries you, along with all of life’s problems and threats. Strive to truly love yourself; all your body, your mind, talents and inabilities, blunders and attainments, as you daily pray with zeal, “Do not be afraid!” – Fr. Ed Hayes

Fr. Edward Hayes, who passed away a few years ago, wrote wonderful morning and evening prayers for each day of the week and for each of the four seasons. These prayers, along with many other insightful words for prayer, are published in the highly recommended “Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim” (which is one of my 10 “desert island” books). – Find all of his resources, including a daily reflection at this site.

Rather than read the prayers from the book in the morning and evening, I like to mindfully and prayerfully listen to them as I meditate on the words.

I recorded all fourteen of the prayers for springtime and I’m sharing them first in the folder where they reside (on Google Drive) and then by day. If these prayers provide you comfort in this time of crisis, then I think Fr. Ed would be happy. And if you like what you hear, please consider buying one or more of his books!

Fr. Ed Hayes Planetary Prayers

Sunday Morning – Spring

Sunday Evening – Spring

Monday Morning – Spring

Monday Evening – Spring

Tuesday Morning – Spring

Tuesday Evening – Spring

Wednesday Morning – Spring

Wednesday Evening – Spring

Thursday Morning – Spring

Thursday Evening – Spring

Friday Morning – Spring

Friday Evening – Spring

Saturday Morning – Spring

Saturday Evening – Spring

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