Happy Church Year 2022! Advent Prayer and Reflection Resources

Happy New Church Year 2022!

On this Sunday, the closest to Saint Andrew’s Day (30 Nov.), the Roman Catholic and other liturgical Christian denominations, e.g. Episcopalians, Lutherans, United Methodists and Presbyterians, celebrate the beginning of Advent.

Although we still have about thirty-five days left until the end of calendar year 2021, the Catholic church begins a new liturgical year – 2022 – today.

So, the green of Ordinary Time was put away until mid-January as the purple of Advent appeared in my church – Saint Matthias.


Last Advent, during the pre-vaccine period of the Pandemic, I recorded a few podcast episodes and shared this list of Advent resources.

To aid us in deeper prayer and reflection during this post-vaccine (and post-Delta, pre-Omicron) period, here’s an update list of resources I’ll be using during these four weeks before the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord, aka Christ’s Mass.

Before perusing the list of resources, especially if you’re new to Advent, check out this excellent primer from Busted Halo:


Daily or Weekly Reflections:

Creighton University Online Ministries

Catholic Extension

America Magazine

National Catholic Reporter

Pray as You Go

Sacred Space

Fr. Richard Rohr at Center for Action & Contemplation

Busted Halo Advent



And don’t forget to participate in their annual Insta-Advent too:


Finally, if you’re looking for a true (digital) Advent calendar and not just a cynical, commercialized box of stuff, try these links:

The Best Catholic Advent Calendars 2021

Loyola Press

Irish Catholic Bishops

CAFOD (scroll down a bit)

Holy Land Advent Calendar (begins 1st Dec)

Catholic Courier (multimedia)

The Abbot’s Circle

Lastly – Top Catholic Advent Apps 2021

Regardless of which of these you use for prayer and reflection during this holy season, I hope you remember to focus not on the “when” or “how,” but rather the “WHO”:

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