Today, I Was Ordained in the Church of Universal Suffrage

In the month since I last posted, I’ve been busy looking for my next full-time job.

As I’ve been doing this, I’ve also been learning how to bar tend. While I’ve worked for 8 1/2 years behind a bar at a winery, I’m now learning how to do more than pour wine.


Yep, I’m now a certified mixologist through the well-respected BarSmarts program.

But that’s not the recently received certificate that I’d like to show off. It’s this one:


Haven’t heard of the Church of Universal Suffrage? Here’s the start of our “About” page:



Please check out my post from back on Day 105 of the Pandemic Period (June 27, 2020) for the 411.

In short, this important religious institution gives voters in certain states a “religious exemption;” thus fulfilling the mandatory “valid reason” or “excuse” qualifying them for absentee voting by mail before election day.

Quite a few states require a “valid reason.” They are the ones in grey:


Aside from being able to now introduce myself as Minister Kohut – enthusiastic evangelist for universal suffrage – I also was able to get this certificate:


Yep, that is indeed 100% legit.

So, especially if you want to get legally wed on the next Midterm Election Day (November 8, 2022) or the next Presidential Election Day (November 5, 2024) I suppose I’m your man.

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