Pandemic Photo O’ Day – 1 Year and 26 Days

When I made my “return” post a couple of days ago I did plan to write a post for each day of my vacation. That hasn’t happened thus far and I gotta blame it in part on Ted (“Ted Lasso” that is.)

There’s much I can say about this near-perfect show and I’ll save it for its own post.

The photo which captures this day, almost a year and a month into this Pandemic Period is of my new, electric mower:


I’ve never been as excited about purchasing a home maintenance device as I was today while I unboxed this sleek, battery powered tool.

I have a pretty good-sized back lawn and cutting it by pushing my heavy, smokey, beastly gas-powered mower was never my idea of a good time. Although I hated using this loud, highly polluting mower, I couldn’t complain b/c it was a gift (a castoff, more correctly) from a friend – when he upgraded his mower.

It was time for a change and since I can’t yet afford an electric car, I figured purchasing an electric lawn mower would be the next best thing.


I did my homework – here, here and also here. What ended up leading me to purchase and be pleased by this Ego brand mower was three things (only one of which I knew when I purchased it though.)

The NY Times “Wirecutter” review page rated it the over all best mower – even better than gas mowers!

I was able to buy it at Lowes as I am boycotting Home Depot b/c it is a corporation HQ’ed in Georgia – see “Home Depot, Georgia’s Largest Company, Steers Clear of Election Law Fight” – Curses on you, Home Depot for being silent in the face of blatant vote suppression laws.

And, I did not know one more fact until I just did a Google search – Chevron, for whom my dad worked for many years, owns Ego. A tip of the hat to this old-school energy company investing for a greener future.

So, how did my new mower – I’m calling “him” Edgar Ego – actually work?

Great, actually! It’s (he’s?) light, quiet, surprisingly powerful and something I’m going to look forward to using again and again.

Before I sign off, the runner-up Pandemic Photo O’ the Day is of my favorite place in my home – the screened in back patio/porch. My wife and I decked it out with some cool new lights which I think show well in this photo:

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