Easter Tuesday – A Return to the Pandemic Photo O’ Day

It’s Easter Break and I am finally making time to sit and post here once again. I’ve meant to do this many times before now, yet came up short when I found so many other ways to spend my time.

Now I have a nice block of time – this week off from teaching.

I’m sitting in a great place – outside on my screened in porch (a Florida Room as they call it) for the first time this Spring.

And I have a goal in mind – reaching my 900th post on this blog (BTW this is #891!)

Close, but not there just yet…


This blog was my main hobby exactly a year ago when I was, like all of us, in what we refer to now as “lock down.”

Back then, my goal (which I generally achieved) was to post a photo, a link to a news story and/or something unique to that particular day during what we know was/is a “historic period” upon which future souls will look back.

The very first one was on April 3, 2020 – Day #21 . In that post I wrote this about my purpose for what I called “Pandemic Photo O’ Day” :

For this “feature” I’ll post a photo which I found online (or taken during my daily walk(s)) sometime during the day.

The count that I’ll put in the title is from March 13th, the day on which the severity of this pandemic became the most “real” for me.


Now that we’re past the one year point in this Pandemic Period, you and I can go back and review what I posted on this same date exactly 365 days ago.


You’ll see from the caption that April 6, 2020 was Holy Monday last year. Recall how anxious many of us were about whether/how/if we could celebrate Easter 2020 together. We couldn’t do it safely, of course and thus came the rise of live-streamed mass and other forms of worship.

And here we are two days after Easter 2021. I celebrated face to face at my parish (St. Matthias, Columbus,) albeit with a face mask, social distanced seating, and other “precautions.” The sanctuary was beautiful and the Easter candle was well in place:


I need to wrap up this “return” post as there are MANY things I want to get done during this Easter Break. It’s already Tuesday and I know that it will be Friday before I know it.

I do plan to at least post a “Pandemic Photo O’ Day” for each day of break. Let’s see if I can accomplish this!

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