Pandemic Day #289 – Watching “The Office” Before It Soon Relocates

It’s the earliest minutes of Monday the 28th which means that, after today, there’s just three days left in 2020.

While the rapidly approaching end to 2020 may not come too soon for many reasons, there is one thing that happens when midnight comes on January 1, 2021 – “The Office” departs Netflix for its new home on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform – which is not hiding what comes to their domain soon:


Even though this move was announced months ago, it’s only since my Christmas vacation started that I got my Netflix streaming in gear and started watching this classic show from episode #1.

I never really watched it when it was broadcast on TV from 2005 to 2013 as I was in the prime of my child raising in that period. I did start streaming some of the shows starting in about 2010 as it was part of an assignment for a graduate course I was taking (no time now to explain)

So, I’ve seen the end of the show, but not the early part of it. Thus, my determination to watch as much of it as I can before it is on a platform to which I don’t plan to subscribe.


Right now, I am almost through season three. I think I need to make it into five or six to reach the spot where I picked up the story as it neared its conclusion.

Perhaps needless to say, I just like the characters and the relationships they have with each other.

I think the style of story-telling is great and the writing almost always hilarious.

And so I’m watching it as I eat, between tasks, and my goal for Monday is to get the treadmill in my basement fired up once again and watch it as I exercise.

Enough writing as it’s time for more watching…

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