Pandemic Day #287 – O Christmas Day!

I write after midnight on what is now the day after Christmas. It’s late, so I will keep this short.

While I was working at the winery (which is my 2nd job on Saturdays, summers and breaks from school) on Christmas Eve, a mom, who is 50-something like me, asked “Do you think Christmases are better now with older kids or when they were little?”

I said that I think now – as my son is 19 1/2 and my daughter just turned 17 years old – is better as there’s less buying of little gifts and the endless wrapping of them.

But, when they were little, like in this photo from 2005, Christmas was much more fun and interactive as gift opening took forever and then came the rest of the day playing with them and their new toys.

Christmas 2005 – 4 1/2 and 2 years old


Even though the gift opening on Christmas Morning 2020 only took a few minutes, we did have a memorable moment of connection later in the day.

After our Christmas Evening dinner, somehow our teens were convinced to sit and play a few spirited hands of the card game Uno. I asked if the four of us could watch the new Pixar movie together, but this was a request too far.

And so Christmas Day 2020, quite odd this year for so many reasons, end with the four of us in different rooms on our own individual devices.

Yet, we had this Memorable Moment of Connection both during and then after dinner. And for this I am deeply grateful.

Early March 2020 – a week before The Lockdown began

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