Pandemic Day #286 – “O Holy Night”

So in this crazy Y2020, two hundred fifty-five days ago we celebrated an Easter unlike any other in my fifty years on earth.

That evening – Pandemic Day #31, I wrote: I’m confident that you, I and everyone else will forever remember Easter Sunday 2020 for at least one key reason – it’s likely that you celebrated this joyous day by worshiping via Zoom, Facebook Live or through another streaming tool.

While you may be able to worship face to face on Christmas Eve or Day 2020, it’s likely that your celebration will instead come via “Zoom, Facebook Live, or through another streaming tool.”

Back on Easter (April 12th) did we really think that COVID-19 would ALSO disrupt our Christmas celebrations?

And yet here we are.

Not my ornament, but one that is surely appropriate for all of our trees this year!


So much is different this Christmas Eve from years past. While there’s much lost, there are also gain too.

A tradition lost in 2020 are the Christmas/Holiday concerts which so many choral groups present during this season.

One famous group is the Angel City Choral out in Los Angeles. You may know them from their amazing performance of the song “Africa”

In 2020, they still offered a holiday concert which you can stream in full.

Tonight, Christmas Eve, I feature just one song from that concert:


What has been added for me this Christmas Eve?

Here she is, on our front step, when we went out a little while ago:

May you and yours have a blessed and peaceful (and memorable!) Christmas 2020!

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