Pandemic Day #284 – “Living Life”

I’m a big fan of “year end” lists of various kinds. I find that perusing these gives me quick and easy insight into songs, books, movies, apps and so forth, which I may have missed earlier in the year now ending.

The NPR Top 100 Songs is an interesting and elegantly diverse list. Good folks at NPR Music make these songs super easy to listen to as they’ve made a Spotify Playlist as well as each song listed has it’s YouTube video posted right next to its description.

This list allowed me to find this song, which has been running through my head since I listened to it a couple of times on Tuesday morning:


NPR Music says this of the song by Steady Holiday:

“Living Life” is inspired by Paul McCartney’s part in The Beatles song “A Day in the Life.” It’s the portion of the song about the mundane, everyday aspects of life. Here, Dre Babinski, a.k.a. Steady Holiday, sings, “The door opens / A woman stumbles in / Her dress is covered in her daughter’s meal / She has to laugh / This is living life / This is who I am tonight.” With a glorious and contagious refrain, Steady Holiday celebrates humanity in all its ordinary and wonderful ways. —Bob Boilen


It’s been a tough year for all of us in one way or another. More than 300,000 American have died (to date) of COVID-19 making this the most deaths (more than 3,000,000) in one year in the U.S. – ever.

My heart breaks for the family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and all who knew and loved each of those 300,000 Americans dead from COVID-19.

I’m grateful that no one close to me (yet) has died of COVID-19. And I’m grateful I have a job in which I can be part of the solution to this profound crisis on so many fronts.

I am particularly grateful that I was able to live life on this quiet day off on the day before the day before Christmas Eve.


Although life is different in so many ways here in December 2020. Yes, we are approaching 300 days of Pandemic (counting from Friday, March 13th) and we’re more and more frustrated with how much we aren’t able to safely do right now.

Yet, I feel grateful to be alive, able to be inspired and filled with joy and hope by this music and its “glorious and contagious refrain”

I hope this song, especially if you heard it here today for the first time, brings a smile to your face as it does to mine – especially the “wearing her baby’s meal” line!

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