Pandemic Photo O’ Day 171

1884 – Superintendent denies Mamie Tape, a Chinese American child, admission to public school in San Francisco this week saying Chinese Americans are ‘dangerous to the well -being of the state.’

September 1st



It was a big day for me and half of my freshmen students at our new school.

For them, it was their first day of high school. And for me it was the start of my seventeenth year teaching high school.

We’re easing everyone into the new school year with just half of the frosh today and then the other half tomorrow. On Wed and Thursday we do the same thing but with all of the students frosh through seniors.

The classroom in which I teach four of my six periods is in the basement with the art teachers and the wood-shop (this is the fifth Catholic HS in which I’ve taught and the only one with an old-school wood-shop.)

The Photo O’ Day is from my art-neighbor’s bulletin board. I think it’s very apt for a start of a school year unlike any I’ve experienced in the forty-six years since I started my schooling.

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