Pandemic Note and Photo O’ Day 161

1905 – White people riot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after Charles Miller, a black man enters a public restaurant.

August 22nd



This was going to be the Photo O’ for yesterday, but I had to get to bed before I could write the post.

Thursday evening I was watching the final night of the Democratic National Convention. Lucy the Dog was sitting next to me with her head down not paying attention to what was happening as VP Biden was speaking.

But after he finished and stepped outside to watch the fireworks, Lucy’s head popped up and she was suddenly engrossed in watching and listening to what was on the TV screen.

We learned in July – back when people in our neighborhood (and apparently all over the country) were shooting off fireworks – that Lucy does not like the sounds of these pyrotechnics one bit.

Last night as the fireworks exploded on the screen, Lucy became enthralled. She had no idea about the magnitude nor meaning of the event. Yet, somewhere in her sharp canine brain I think she remembered what fireworks sound like and therefore sat up and paid attention.

And I hope that many other dogs and their voting-aged people were paying attention to this important and historic moment in our U.S. political process.


Today was the last weekday for me before the start of my in-service days beginning on Monday.

I’ve been thinking today about this important article by Andy Slavitt – What Future Generations Will Remember About The Pandemic

We want kids back studying STEM but are a country ignoring and belittling scientists.

We want kids back learning social studies but can’t demonstrate what adults do with lessons from history.

We want kids to learn and work in teams but see adults who can’t seem to manage not to put others’ lives ahead of our own rights.

We teach values in school and religious school but do nothing about the suffering in nursing homes, farm labor camps, and among people of color…

I hope at any moment we change. There are many credible plans. I still believe we can take it back by caring about the next life we would lose.

But so far we haven’t made reducing the death toll or our kids’ future important enough to inconvenience ourselves. And they know it. That’s the education they’re getting.

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