READING! “My” for Wednesday, August 12th

As I mentioned in Monday’s “My” post, I’m changing how I do this week-daily feature.

So here goes today’s…


Here’s the excellent sources that I feature each day – The Week and the Five Things to Know Today

The Conversation

Good News Network site and the Daily “Good News in History”

Creighton U. Daily Reflections

National Catholic Reporter – Copy Desk Daily, August 12, 2020


And here’s the link (which stays the same each day) to “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Wednesday August 12th You can bookmark this link!


Here’s the top stories from today’s “My”:


NOTE: I have a minute today to quote from this cover story. The article is taken from the Catholic “branch” of the grass-roots, wide-ranging religious platform – Patheos. If you’re not familiar with this site, I’d encourage you to take a look as it’s solid, interesting and relevant for our times.

Henry Karlson in his “A Little Bit of Nothing” Patheos site writes:

Likewise, COVID19 has taught us how selfish we have become as a society.

The response to COVID19, especially by so-called Christians, is deplorable. We see people having fits when called to act on behalf of their neighbor.

People are saying they can’t be told what to do by the government.

The  ideology of selfishness, the Satanic ideology of Ayn Rand and Anton LaVey, has become the ideology of so-many Christians who look at the world only in the eyes of their own wants and desires and not in regards the obligations they have for others….

Christians must now take a stand.

Christians must promote the common good, and the social responsibility which is needed to protect the common good.

When the common good is threatened, such as when the postal system is under attack, or when various social safety nets, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps are being demolished, Christians must stand up, resist the injustice, and promote those Jesus would stand with, the vulnerable poor who would suffer the most due to such injustice.


Here’s the other top stories for today:

Bouncing forward: after the crisis, will we build economies that don’t cost the planet?

The Benefits of Mindful Meditation for Teens

7 great podcasts focusing on race, diversity, and equity in the workplace

Five easy ways to lower your household carbon emissions [NOTE: This is from an Aussie site, so suggestion #3 isn’t relevant if you’re elsewhere in the world!]

I hope you’re well on this Wednesday.

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