Pandemic Photos O’ Day 146

1930 – Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith are lynched in Marion, Indiana; 16 year-old James Cameron survives the attack and later founds America’s Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee.

August 07


It’s my first and only post for Thursday, August 6th as I was running late this morning for an appointment to go to the site of the photo above (more on this below.)

If I had written the (usually) daily “My” post I would have mentioned that August 6, 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.

Since this post is dedicated to photos related to this day, here’s the infamous photo from that world-changing day:


Thursday was a “first day of school” of sorts for me. A couple of months ago, I ended eight years of teaching Religion at one local Catholic high school. You may have seen the post of my empty classroom after I cleaned it out.

I’m starting to teach Theology at a different, also local Catholic high school. Since I had a Zoom-er-view to get the job, I’d not been inside of this school building until today when I went in to get my school computer and to receive some training on their educational technology.

I saw the three classrooms where I’ll be teaching – new teachers are often ones who travel from room to room. Most significantly, I stopped by the school’s chapel for a few minutes:

It’s small and simple with the basics – the tabernacle, altar, and other items which indicate the sanctity of this space. I imagine it is a location I will come to know as a place for prayer and worship. It felt good to stop there for a few minutes to say “thank you” to God and also to say “help!” to God as I begin a new year in a new place and a new time.

May this community which I am joining, as well as every school community in the U.S., know that God will grant us wisdom, courage and prudence as we discern how and also where to educate and to learn during this on-going Pandemic Period.

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