Pandemic – Marble League 2020 – Photos O’ Day 142

2019 – Suspected white nationalist commits mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, killing 22 people and wounding 24.

August 3rd


So, I neglected to post the Photo O’ Day for Saturday (day 141) for a reason that I’m reluctant to admit:

Yeah, I’m spending time playing a mobile game – Stardew Valley. And I stayed up way too late (and skipped posting last night) b/c I was playing it.

This is a screen shot of my farm and if you’re familiar with the game, you’ll note that I’ve been playing for a while now. It’s a form of escapism during this strange, stressful time and I really am enjoying the creativity and the fact that it allows me to virtually garden and farm in ways that I could never do IRL.


Today’s photo relates to my son’s 19th birthday which I mentioned on Friday. Today, my wife’s family Zoomed together to wish him a happy birthday.

I’m not going to give all of the names (in fact, I blacked them out.) The locations though are from upper left – Austin, TX; Me in Columbus; Savannah, GA; my son in Columbus; Lucy the Dog in Columbus; Seattle, WA; Austin, TX; my daughter in Columbus; my niece’s lizard in Columbus; and my brother-in-law in Columbus.

Although we have three states, four of these windows are people in my household and two more are also from Columbus.

Ah… families and Zoom. And you can see how thrilled my son is to be on this Zoom held to wish him a happy birthday!


At the end of last week, the tenth Marble League 2020 was run. Going into the 5 Meter Sprint event, here’s the overall standings after nine events:

This is a truly fun event as it’s fast and straight-forward:

So, how’s your team(s) doing? And the best news from the competition – ZERO marbles have tested positive for COVID!

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