Pandemic Video and Photos O’ Day 135

1967 – Detroit Uprising ends: sparked by complaints about police brutality and racial inequality.. It left more than 1100 people injured, $40 million in damage, and 33 black people and 10 white people dead.

July 27


Sunday was the date from which it’s 100 days until the election – but if you’re a regular follower of this blog, you knew that already.

Let’s take this chance to look back 100 days to Pandemic Photo O’ Day 35 – which was April 17th (Easter was on April 12th)

Thinking of throwbacks, on April 5th, I posted this for Photo O’ Day 23 . I took this selfie in my car while sitting in a Target parking lot.

I remembered this photo today as I sat in the same Target lot, wearing the same ball cap and a far more colorful mask.

Yep, 112 days ago and as of Sunday the U.S. is at more than 4.2 million confirmed cases and 146,747 Americans who’ve died from COVID-19.

I don’t think that we’ve made the progress that we could have and even should have against this virus. But, at least the masks have gotten more colorful!


It was a little more than a week ago that Rep. John Lewis died. And on Sunday, his funeral processed across the historic bridge at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement

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