Pandemic Video and Photos O’ Day 130

1899 – Moments before his trial is to begin, a white mob whips Frank Embree, a black man, over 100 times and hangs him in front of more than 1,000 onlookers in Fayette, Missouri.

July 22nd


I’ve been a fan of Michael Franti and his band Spearhead for a while now. His songs have a range of styles with lyrics from the mind of an activist.

When the YouTube algorithm suggested this video today, a smile came to my face after I clicked to play it as I knew right then that I’d found my Photo O’ Day 130.

I love the message and I can hear this being sung as an “anthem” at a rally for social justice. It’s honest and yet hopeful in making a commitment to “making a better day” nonetheless.

That being said, I’m not crazy about the use of the “F” word in it. It’s a word that I try not to use as I think there’s usually a better way to communicate without a harsh word like this one.

And yet, there’s a power and depth of meaning in saying “this world is so f*cked up” which isn’t the same in saying “this world is so messed up” or even “this world is so screwed up.”

I saw that the video was posted on March 30, 2020, so I naturally assumed that it was quickly written/released and part of the “f*cked up-ness” of the world included the devastation of COVID-19.

But, no. You’ll see this live version was released about two years ago.


Alan Taylor is a photo journalist for The Atlantic. Each week now, this publication is releasing a gallery of his photos from each of the 50 states. The most recent set of photos is of Illinois.

On Tuesday, his set was of dogs and water, because, well why the heck not?

My three favorite ones:


Yes, the world these days is so f*ucked up.

And yet dogs like these (and the one below who lives in my home) plus so much more within creation makes me never, never give up on it.

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