Pandemic – Marble League 2020 Update – Articles and Photo O’ Day 128

2015 – After discussing the need to protect Confederate memorials, North Carolina’s House passes bill requiring legislative approval to remove historical monuments; the bill is signed into law days later.

July 20th


Just two articles today, with one key quote from each:

The New Stability” (from The New England Journal of Medicine)

Before I become your doctor, you have been intubated for weeks.

The morning you die, I don’t want to be there — like most mornings now, when I rise against my whole will and crawl dejectedly into scrubs.

I don’t want to be a plague doctor or a hero on TV.

Now on the news, White men hold guns and signs that say “live free or die” to protest the lockdown.

I imagine what they will look like dying on vents in ICUs staffed by doctors lacking sleep and proper training, soaked in moral fatigue.

I imagine what their wives will sound like on the phone as they cry and say “Do everything.”

I wonder if these wives will thank me or tell me to be safe.


Coronavirus will be the only winner in this 2020 baseball season

In reality, baseball won’t be an amusing diversion for a frustrated audience, but could prove to be a very difficult watch.

Just as the NFL has become almost impossible to view without flinching at every hard hit, without a looming sense of doom about the future health of the players involved, baseball viewing will carry a new anxiety level.

A sense of dread. Who is going to get the coronavirus next? Where is the roulette wheel going to stop? What will be the repercussions be for that player’s or coach’s family? Will the games have to abruptly end?

A welcome distraction?


One of the things you’ve likely noticed during this Pandemic Period is that most conferences and/or training events have moved from face to face to on-line.

While much is surely lost when participants aren’t physically together during keynote speakers and “breakout sessions,” the gains from moving on-line are huge – zero travel costs and therefore more people can attend because the cost of attending is many times lower (and sometimes there’s no cost at all – the legendary San Diego Comic-Con is “At Home” starting this Wednesday the 22nd)

I mention this because I am in my second day of training with VP Al Gore and many others (10,000 people around the world are participating) to become a Climate Reality Leader.

I’m sure I’ll blog about it more later on….


As much as I’m a fan of MLB during a “normal” summer, I’m not thrilled to see their return.

I am a happy and excited fan of the Marble League 2020 sponsored by Last Week Tonight by John Oliver.

After last week’s 6th event, here’s the cumulative standings:

And here’s the seventh event – run on Sunday:

And if you, like me, are a Minty Maniacs fan, perhaps you’ll enjoy this video too:

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