Pandemic Article, Video, and Photo O’ Day 123

1954 – U.S. Border Patrol begins ‘Operation Wetback,’ in which agents deport more than one million people to Mexico and stop ‘Mexican looking’ people on the street to demand identification.

July 15th


Today’s photo comes from a stunning investigation of how eight protestors across the U.S. each received specific injury on the same day (Saturday, May 30th) – loss of vision in one eye – at the hands of police who responded with force to stop demonstrations.

It’s hard to watch the 15 minute video, but important for citizens to do so nevertheless.

The loss these men and women experienced is significant and life-long. Their stories would not be told with such clarity without both technology and hard-working journalists seeking to discover the truth of what happened during these historic days of protest.

Kudos to the journalists at the Washington Post who are shining light on how and why these eight Americans now have darkness in one part of their vision.

For as the tag line of the WaPo reminds us:

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