Pandemic Marble League 2020 Update and Photo O’ Day 122

NOTE: I’m going to start including this countdown image as well b/c the gap between Election Day and 20 January 2021 (which will be my 51st birthday BTW) could be perilous.

As commentator Michael Tomasky writes in “Every Day Trump Remains in Office is a Dangerous Day for America”:

The second period, after the election, has the potential to be far, far worse. We read speculation almost daily about Trump not accepting the election results if he loses and yes, that’s scary to contemplate…

This is just as scary as the more-discussed “I’m not leaving” scenario.

Trump will be sitting there in the White House, watching One America, boiling with rage at everything and everyone.

He’ll burn the country down on his way out. He’s capable of anything.

He may intentionally try to wreck the economy just to make Biden’s life that much harder.

He may start a war. Or at least a race war. That’s actually frighteningly plausible.


2014 – Federal appeals court rules Texas must issue group license plate for Sons of Confederate Veterans that features a Confederate flag; US Supreme Court later reverses this decision.

July 14th


Today was a restless day for me after the serving gig on Friday which may well have exposed me to COVID. And on Sunday I served at another event – this one was outdoors, but most of the guests weren’t wearing masks (but I was of course!)

It feels like as a nation we’ve gone backwards in time as COVID cases continue to rise dramatically in multiple states. And some of these states are once again closing public places and issuing “stay-at-home” orders for a second time.

I took refuge from my anxiety and the national bad news by going back to a pastime which I’ve blogged about a few times during this Pandemic Period:

This puzzle is a “companion” to the last one I completed – and purchased on the first day an awesome local bookstore was re-opened.

Both of these are by Eurographics and they have others in this series that I hope to purchase and complete later. And since it seems that COVID will be raging in the U.S.A. for quite a bit longer, there may well be another “lock down” here in Ohio and I’ll be back to building jigsaw puzzles like I was way back on Day 47 of this Pandemic Period.


The fifth event – The Long Jump – has been completed in Marble League 2020.

Before I link to the video, here’s where we stand in the overall point totals after the first four events:

Finally, if you’re not sure which marble team to root for, here’s a helpful video which gives some history on the teams and hilariously compares the fans for these teams with similar U.S. professional sports teams. Check it out and see who you’re rooting for!

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