Pandemic Articles, Video, Marble League 2020 Update and Photo O’ Day 120

2012 – Report shows one of every 13 voting age African Americans is disenfranchised (four times more than non-black citizens); Florida, Kentucky and Virginia bar over 20% of black residents from voting.

July 12th


I didn’t get a chance today to post “My” article links for Saturday. There were/are quite a few good stories there.

Here’s a few of the best and most important ones:

“Can the Church Wake Up From the American Dream?”

The South Pole is Warming Three Times Faster Than the Rest of the Earth”

Planet Money [Podcast] Summer School is in Session”

The Best True Crime Podcasts of All Time”

Birdwatching is an Easy Way to Practice Mindfulness”

“10 of the Best Podcasts for Horror Fans”


Last night when I posted Friday’s Photo O’ Day, I was pretty fired up with anger about the possible “super-spreader” wedding reception I was hired to serve at on Friday night.

I’ve cooled off a bit in the 24 hours since then, but a few COVID articles today got me fired up again about young adults (like the ones at the wedding Friday night) and widely irresponsible behavior in a Pandemic Period (like I witnessed last night)

“Doctors Start Seeing New Coronavirus Symptom Patterns in Young People” :

  • Coronavirus symptoms are no longer a mystery, but doctors dealing with the new surge in cases in some US states have noticed new patterns in patients.
  • Younger patients are seeking medical help as more of them are being infected than before.
  • Symptoms including abdominal pain and migraines are often reported, but rarely high fever.

“30 Year-Old Man Dies After Attending a ‘COVID’ Party Thinking Virus Was a ‘Hoax'”

“I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not.”

Those were the final words of a 30-year-old patient who died at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio this week after attending a so-called “COVID party,” according to the hospital.–abc-news-topstories.html


And the Photo O’ Day is this one from this article: As Texas morgues fill up, refrigerator trucks are on the way in several counties

The “runner-up” for the Photo O’ Day for Saturday comes from this story which “pinged” my phone as a “breaking news” item:

Trump Wears Mask in Public for the First Time During the Pandemic

And if you need some satirical humor after all of this, check out this dialog by Dave Eggers: “Testing, Testing”


Although a number of U.S. pro sports are slowing coming back, there’s only one competition going on in which ZERO of the participants will test positive for COVID – Marble League 2020!

It’s been about a week since my last update and another event has been completed – Newton’s Cradle.

After the first three events, here’s where the teams stand. See the four teams I’m rooting for at this post.

The next event – the Long Jump – will be posted on Sunday and I’ll be sure to update the results more quickly next time!

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