Pandemic Video, Articles and Photo O’ Day 118

1887 – Investigation by grand jury in Hinds County, Mississippi finds that prisoners in the state’s convict leasing system are worked to death, kept in filthy conditions and starved.

July 10th


And the graph for today, from “This Chart Should Be Getting Trump’s Attention”

This isn’t “politics” or “fake news.” It’s facts and data plotting to show where COVID cases are growing the fastest.


Here’s three excellent, must-read articles, with key quotes, about the very latest on the coronavirus in the U.S.A.:

COVID Cases are Rising, So Why are Deaths Flatlining?”

This virus is a cryptic devil. It can brutalize people’s bodies for weeks or months, even if it doesn’t kill them. It can savage the lungs of young people, even when it doesn’t produce other symptoms. Those who are infected can transmit it to more vulnerable people. Those who contract severe cases can be sent to the hospital for weeks and live for months—which may turn into years—with aftershocks from the illness. Outbreaks might make school openings implausible, sports improbable, and ordinary life impossible.

When President Trump and others point exclusively to lagging death figures during a surge, they are trying to tell you that America is, secretly, winning the war on COVID-19. But we’re not. The summer surge is an exceptionally American failure, born of absent leadership and terrible public-health communication


Wear a Mask and Blame the Virus: 5 Expert Tips for the Pandemic” by Andy Slavitt

Decide which sacrifice you prefer to make. No one ever told us we could have everything we want. Feel like going to a bar? Don’t complain when you have to home school your triplets. Want to have a house party? Well, maybe the economy will be slower to start and hiring will be slowed. A pandemic is a bad thing. So it means we can’t all have everything we want exactly when we want it. Many people are making huge sacrifices they didn’t ask for. Spraying disinfectant every time you touch a door handle wasn’t their childhood dream. Many who live in tips aren’t. They live on commissions but they’re dutifully staying home. Proud people are going to food banks. Doctors and nurses didn’t ask to be soldiers, and neither did teachers. Don’t view it as a deprivation but a sacrifice for those who don’t have a choice.


“Coronavirus Pandemic Could Cause Wave of Brain Damage, Scientists Warn”

Experts at the University College London (UCL) were the latest to describe that Covid-19 could cause neurological complications including stroke, nerve damage, and potentially fatal brain inflammation — even if the patients didn’t show severe respiratory symptoms associated with the disease.


Whew! Heavy stuff I know.

To transition to lighter things (and an explanation of today’s Photo O’ Day,) here’s a favorite song by Birdtalker – an indy folk band from Nashville:

I dig this band (and song) so much, that I’m sharing two beautiful (for different reasons) video versions of it:

If your face is down
Take a look around
Do your fingers move?
Do your lungs inflate?
Are you tired, are you weary
Of the hidden hate you’ve been holding?
Hey, did you lose that love or have you never had it?
Are you feeling sad ’cause you did a bad thing?


My wife and I needed to feel less heavy today, so we took a day trip about an hour west of Columbus to Yellow Springs, Ohio – where they take their mask-wearing very seriously:

It’s a pretty cool place we’ve been meaning to visit, but finally got around to it today. Having lived in the Bay Area of California, I can say that this village had a San Francisco or even a Berkeley, CA vibe to it.

I took a recommendation and got my lunch at the Sunrise Cafe and dined on it al fresco.

No joke – I almost never take photos of my food to post or share. But today felt special – a cool place, a great tasting lunch and a much needed day out.

So, here’s my photo which rates as my Pandemic Photo O’ Day for Thursday:

Not only was the burger great, but these were two of the best (non-greasy) sides I’ve ever had – cuke salad (top) and something called “Oma’s Red Cabbage” (bottom) which was a bit like Korean kimchi, but sweeter and without the bitter smell.

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