IMPT: “Four New Insights About the Coronavirus” from “The Daily” Podcast

I’ve not posted an “IMPORTANT” notice which is pinned to the top of the page.

This podcast deserves this status and thus I HIGHLY recommend you take the 30ish minutes to listen to it.

The main speaker, Donald G. McNeil Jr, is an excellent journalist who was more in front of the danger of the Coronavirus than almost anyone else in the U.S. press. I featured his work way back on March 15th as “Listen To This Podcast Episode Immediately” and also this post on March 24th

Here’s today’s episode to listen to ASAP:

The Four Insights are:

1). COVID-19 is primarily a vascular disease.

2). It has mutated to make it more transmissible (and maybe not as deadly)

3). Since airborne transmission is most common, any indoor space is more dangerous than an outdoor space for gatherings, etc.

4). Kids are likely not major transmitters of the virus.

NOTE: Even though you may already know about these, do listen to the episode as McNeil is informative and also interesting to listen to.


Finally, remember that you don’t need to listen to this “The Daily Episode” through the links in this post.

Any “pod-catcher” app that you have will allow you to stream and/or download it.

Don’t have a good “pod-catcher?” My go-to for my Android phone is Pocketcasts, but there are plenty of other great ones out there too.

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