Pandemic Articles and Photos O’ Day 111

1917 – Four days of attacks on African American in East St. Louis, Illinois, leave 200 dead and cause 6000 black residents to leave the city.

July 3rd


Here’s what’s unique about July 2nd:

So, we are now more than 1/2 way through the fateful year of 2020!!!


Here’s a follow up article to a Pandemic Photo O’ Day inclusion from a few days ago: “The Coronavirus Spread in a Dallas Megachurch’s Choir and Orchestra. Then it Hosted Mike Pence.”

[Civics] “New Climate Group Will Offer District Specific Policy “Menus” to Each Congressional Candidate”

[News] “Official US Coronavirus Deathtoll is ‘a substantial undercount’ of Actual Tally – Yale Study Finds.”

[Data] “This New Tool Shows the COVID Risk in Your County”

[Reading] “The Great Escape: 50 Books to Transport You This Summer”


And, this didn’t make yesterday’s main Photo O’ Day, but it’s a beautiful follow-up to an inclusion from yesterday:

That was today in Columbus, Ohio. Here’s what we did yesterday:

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