Presence Podcast: Words For Now and Later – J is for JUSTICE

If you’re just joining this “channel” of the blog and my “Words For Now and Later,” here’s the posts/words to get you caught up:

A is for AGITATE

B is for BODY

C is for CITIZEN

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F is for FAIR

G is for GIVING

H is for HOPE

I is for “I”

Here’s the link to the newest one:

Words For Now and Later – J is for JUSTICE—J-is-for-JUSTICE-eg6ti1


Here’s the quote that struck me the most from “Dictionary of the Undoing” by John Freeman:

“Justice may not be blind, it may give too much respect to the size of one’s wallet, but it does respect momentum.”

John Freeman, p. 63


And here’s the quote I mentioned in the episode from “Doing Faithjustice: An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought” by Fred Kammer, S.J.

“Faithjustice is a passionate virtue that disposes citizens to become involved in greater and lesser societies around themselves in order to create communities where human dignity is protected and enhanced, the gifts of creation are shared for the greater good of all, and the poor are treated with respect and a special love.”

Fred Kammer, S.J., p.5


Here’s a couple of very recent articles from National Catholic Reporter illustrating the work for Faithjustice in today’s world:

We Need Bishops Who Will Challenge the Rich and Powerful”

Our Romero Moment: Time for U.S. Bishops to Challenge Racism”


Finally, I mentioned in the episode how my community is using social media to invite more (young) citizens to engage in the political process of keeping track of state and local level bills and initiatives then contacting elected officials to give comments on these issues.

Here’s a post from facebook today:

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