Pandemic Photos O’ Day 110

1777 – Vermont becomes the first territory to abolish slavery, followed by New England territories north of Delaware that implement ‘gradual abolition’ laws.

July 2nd


Just a few photos tonight as it’s late (0155) and I got up pretty early today (for me anyway – 9:00am!)

I found this photo and story a few minutes ago. Living in Columbus, Ohio, this has particular significance:

This is notable not only because he is (soon to be “was?”) name sake of our fair city. The statue wasn’t pulled down by a mob – even though this was being discussed on facebook as a strategy for removal. And it was done quickly, via a mayoral proclamation and without any significant objection – likely because our land-locked city (we don’t even have a navigable river) doesn’t have any clear connection to Christopher Columbus.

The next step is to change our city name all together. You may have seen this petition floating around on the internet – Change the Name of Columbus to Flavortown.

According to this post on Reddit, apparently the map makers already got this memo:


The photos for today are ones that I took on the fine summer evening of July 1st. My wife and I went to a pond near our home and walked our new pooch for a bit.

I saw these ducklings and momma and couldn’t resist snapping the photo and sharing it here.

Even though we are living in times which feel heavy, uncertain, and confusing, this summer scene is a reminder that hope floats and life still goes on.

And I saw this on the same Reddit feed where I found the Columbus story above:

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