Pandemic Marble League 2020 Update and Photos O’ Day 108

1829 – Cincinnati, Ohio, officials use laws to force black residents to leave city.

June 30th

It’s ON! Marble League 2020, which I’ve mentioned before on this blog – here and here.

I should have declared my four teams before the competition began, but its still early enough as only the second event has been run. Here’s my four teams (out of the sixteen competing), with their logos and links to their stats and stories:

I’ll have you know that I didn’t just randomly pick those four.

No, I read the stories of all of the teams and looked at their prior performance. From all of that data, I chose to root for these four.

Plus, I liked their names and logos too!

And after the first event (see below for the video) here’s how it looked:

Yeah, Dog! That’s my Minty and Raspberry one-two from the first event – The Balance Beam!

To see how they got the gold and silver (and to see the powerful, inspiring Opening Ceremony) here it is:

Plus event #2 (released on Sunday) – The Half Pipe is here:

Event #3 – The Funnels – is out this Friday the 3rd!


Over the past weekend, the first human, pro-sports league began their season. It’s the National Women’s Soccer League.

And this Yahoo Sports article and photo below speak to where we are in this Pandemic Period of Uprising: “One Powerful NWSL Anthem Kneeling Image Spoke Truth to This American Moment”

Even with such a powerful and emotional scene, there were still haters (more like naysayers really): “The First Pro League to Start Shows Why Its Still Too Early”


The soccer photo would have been my Photo O’ Day, but another – one far less uplifting and inspiring – had to be the one if I am to stay true to the purpose of this feature which I’ve been keeping daily since Day 21 way back on April 3rd.

In that post I said that “For this “feature” I’ll post a photo which I found online (or taken during my daily walk(s)) sometime during the day.”

Since I established that basic guideline, this feature has evolved to be a place where I preserve a photo (and sometimes videos and articles too) which speaks to where either we are nationally or I am locally with the Pandemic on this particular day – 87 days after I started this endeavor to capture history.

This photo was viral on Monday and it certainly captures much about the state of our nation right now:

There’s a lot I could say about this situation, especially since the protesters (some of whom were open carrying weapons) were acting peacefully and not threatening nor moving towards the property of Bonnie and Clyde here.

According to the Washington Post article Chickenshit Clyde, aka Mark McCloskey said afterwards:

Mark McCloskey said he does not want people to view his and Patricia’s actions as racist or in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“On the wall of my conference room, I have an anti-slavery broadsheet,” he noted in his interview with KSDK. “I’m not the enemy of the people supporting black lives. I am the enemy of the terrorists, the Marxists.”

The good news though is that when Blow-em Up Bonnie, aka Patricia McCloskey gets arrested for endangering peaceful protesters, at least she won’t have to change her shirt when she’s in jail:


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