Pandemic Articles, Video and Photo O’ Day 107

1958 – Bethel Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, pastored by civil rights activist Rev. Fred Shuttleworth, is bombed.

June 29th


[Christianity] – “Jesus Was Not White. Here’s Why We Should Stop Pretending That He Was”

[Books] – “20 Books to Read This Summer”

[Medical] “The Are the Most Common Symptoms of COVID-19 Right Now”

[Medical] “How Long Can Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers Infect Others?”

[Audio Books] “15 Very Good Thriller Audio Books”


I was going to write an “Against The Common Good” for this item, b/c it is so short-sighted, so callous, and from the people around POTUS#45 – so completely within character:

Workers removed thousands of social distancing stickers before Trump’s Tulsa rally, according to video and a person familiar with the set-up

And if that event in Tulsa wasn’t enough of a “super-spreader” event eight days ago, on Sunday V-POTUS#48 had an event at a “mega-church” in Forth Worth, Texas – a state which is currently seeing the highest increases in its cases of COVID so far.

And there was this scene, the veritable definition of a “super-spreader” event:

An aside: A large, multi-voice choir (Pre-COVID) was a skillful, amazing, inspiring thing to behold.

Today, in our new Current-COVID reality, it’s foolish, dangerous and a terrifying event to witness.


Even today though, there is a way to sing. Miley Cyrus shows us how in this video posted a day ago:


This Summer of COVID-19 is forcing us to make many changes –

– like not being able to go to an indoor movie theater to see the big Summer Blockbusters, b/c there are almost zero new movies being released in theaters these days.

Fun fact – The film which topped the U.S. box office last weekend was the #1 film on the chart for the fourth (separate) time since it was released 27 years ago. What film is this? Click HERE to find out.

“Catalog Titles” like the answer to the question above are being shown outdoors either at the 325 remaining actual drive-in theaters, in movie theater parking lots, or in shopping center parking lots.

Late on Saturday night, my son, his buddy and I went to see a movie screened in the parking lot of a near-by shopping center. It was a deal – just $10 for our car. There were two big, super high-def screens – the one above we faced.

But there was another one behind us too:

I brought a chair and sat out on the warm, but breezy evening. The view was great, the sound better than I expected as they had big speakers (but you could also use an FM channel if you wanted instead), and I brought my own popcorn and beverage. No food was being sold, but there was a pretty nice portable toilet station if needed.

So, what “catalog title” did I watch for the first time? It’s a 1994 cult classic, critically acclaimed – nominated for seven Academy Awards (it won Best Original Screenplay) – Pulp Fiction.

Not sure why I didn’t see it when I was 24 years-old at its original release and why it took me until I was 50 years-old to finally see it. I am glad that I finally saw this mind-blowing, iconic film and that I watched it in a place and time I’ll never forget!

See if you can catch the multiple lines from Pulp Fiction in this punny little recent video:

P.S. – As I was surfing around the Pulp Fiction Wikipedia entry, I found this fun entry: “AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movie Quotes” Cheers!

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