Pandemic Articles and Photo O’ Day 105

1973 – Two young black girls, Minnie (14) and Mary Alice Reif (12), sue health clinic in Montgomery, Alabama, for sterilizing them without their consent or knowledge.

June 27th


[Analysis] “A Major GOP Nightmare Moves a Step Closer to Reality”

[Opinion] “Four Ways William Barr is Already Subverting the 2020 Elections”

[Books] “14 New Short Books to Read in One Sitting”

[Science] “6 Lessons Learned to Get Ready for the Next Wave of COVID-19”

[Music] “Teju Cole’s Spotify Playlists Offer Musical Solace for These Times”


To give credit where credit is due, even though I read Patheos regularly, I wouldn’t have discovered Church of Universal Suffrage without a big nudge.

My nudge was the lead story on Friday’s Good News Ride Home Podcast.

Their always excellent “show notes” linked to this Patheos article- “A New Church in TN Exists Purely to Help Residents Vote Early”

The host at Good News Podcast and/or the Patheos article gives the genesis of this “church” more completely then I can here.

To summarize: There’s huge debate now nationally about whether voters in the various 50 states will automatically receive a “mail-in ballot,” or just an application for a “mail-in ballot. In the states which opt for the later, sometimes there’s “no excuse” needed to vote “absentee” via mail.

But some states, like Tennessee require a reason. One reason TN officially permits is inability to vote due to a “religious holiday” coinciding with the day(s) for in-person voting.

So, the CUS just happens to have many days on their sacred calendar which are “religious holidays”:

Logically and legally, if you’re a “member” of CUS then you have a solid, incontestable reason to receive a “mail-in” ballot in TN and likely other states who have a similar hurdle (roadblock?) to voting by mail.

What do you have to believe to be a “member” of CUS? Do you need to donate to the church to join it?

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