Pandemic Video, Articles and Photos O’ Day 104

1959 – Prince Edward County, Virginia, avoids integration by closing public schools for years.

2011 – White teens kill James Craig Anderson, a black man, in a hate crime in Jackson, Mississippi.

June 26th


First, as a Disneyland fan, especially because I worked there (on Main Street, in the shops) during the Summer of 1990, this news today made me quite pleased – because it is about damn time!

And here’s some more good and inspiring news:


So that was the good news portion. Here’s the bad news:

While the data in the Times article above shows localities where COVID has devastated communities, this graph speaks for itself from – “A Devastating New Phase of the Pandemic”

From the same Atlantic article:

The 50 states are shown with their highest single day new COVID case count. Fully ten states (on the right of the chart) have hit their highest single day in the last three days.

Let me be blunt here.

As much as all of us want to be done with this virus and the changes it has forced upon our society, it is not done with us.

And it won’t be done with us until we get an effective vaccine and/or adopt safer behaviors – outdoor is better than indoor, avoid large groups, WEAR A FACE MASK and don’t be stupid.


Lastly, a shout out to the Ignatian Solidarity Network who hosted a powerful on-line prayer vigil and lament for the black victims of police and other violence.

For me, the most moving aspect of the prayer vigil was near the end when the leaders read names of black men and women killed b/c of racially-focused violence.

For each name, they read the year, the name and the state. After a set of 12 or so names, in the tradition of the “Mothers of the Disappeared” in Central and South America, we’d say “Presente!”

I was brought to tears by how many names there were – in 2015 and 2016 alone!

Between lists of names, they displayed these photos – filled with the images of those who have been killed:

They also displayed this original artwork of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph:

This faith-justice organization has an entire set of resources and activities during this summer to aid white people to recognize our white privilege and work to become anti-racist allies to black and brown people.

As this is an area of growth and learning for me, I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about it here.

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