Pandemic Articles, Video, and Photos O’ Day 102

2013 – This week, Kimberly McCarthy becomes the 500th person executed by the State of Texas since 1972; more than half of those executed have been people of color.

June 24th


Today’s Pandemic Photo O’ Day above is of a march I attended in a near-by town here in the Columbus, Ohio area. This town, Worthington, Ohio is 91.5% white with just a 2% black population with a median income in 2018 dollars of $102,731

Even in this “small town Ohio” young and older people; whites and blacks; and with all in masks, we marched to the local police station on Tuesday and will march again on Wednesday and Saturday too.

I felt the Spirit move me to speak and I shared (as seen in this video, starting at about 19:00) about “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” and how Dr. King’s condemnation of “white moderates” convicted me as I recognized myself in his description of the type of white person who is not helping to advance racial justice.

I was inspired to make this (rather wordy) sign – on the back side of what is pictured above – after listening to Tuesday’s “On Point” show/podcast about how the disparity in black wealth in the U.S. is one of the many good reasons to implement reparations to Black Americans for the 400 years of racial injustice on the soil of the U.S.A.


Some other images, with articles from Day 102:

And that last one is too good to not show their “how does it work” video:

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