Pandemic (Presence) Podcast O’ Day 100

Before reflection on this milestone day, a follow up about yesterday’s photo of the empty seats at POTUS#45’s rally in Tulsa:

Funny story… Apparently thousands, if not tens of thousands of the free tickets were secretly grabbed by K-Pop fans and others via a conspiracy of youth on Tik-Tok. The “how” of this eludes me, but the “WOW” of is pretty nuts.


1961 – Ten Interfaith Riders go on trial after being arrested for seeking service at a segregated airport restaurant in Tallahassee, FL and face $500 fine or 30 days in jail.

June 22nd


To remember this 100 day milestone of the Pandemic Period (which I started counting from Friday, March 13th) I recorded a special Presence Podcast episode:

#4 – Year 3 – 100 Days of Pandemic—Year-3—100-Days-of-Pandemic-efo2hc

In this episode, I comment on the episode that I recorded back on March 11th, when the COVID spit was really starting to hit the fan:

#3 – Year 3 – Lent, COVID and The Common Good—Year-3—Lent–Covid-19-and-The-Common-Good-ebf2am


I encourage you to listen to the 100 Days episode. I just listened to it and there’s one thing that I did not mention in the episode from March 11th as it wasn’t on my radar then – but is all over everyone’s radar now –

I used this image to illustrate “Zoom” because prior to about March 11th, this was the only Zoom which came to mind (back of my mind as this PBS show aired in the late 1970’s – as if the groovy turtlenecks above didn’t give that away.)

And I thought using the other Zoom icon (you are well acquainted with that one) at this point might give you hives.

Finally, here’s the video – the first of a growing genre on YouTube – which I referenced at the start of today’s podcast episode:

And the good, but not great, sequel:

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