Pandemic Articles, Videos and Photos O’ Day 96

Perhaps the most exciting part of this post is above, in the header. You may recall that I wrote about this weeks ago when the tourney was first announced (and sponsored) in a big way.

On Thursday and into this weekend – a completely safe, totally unique and pretty exciting “sports” tourney begins. Competition (safely) returns!!!

The tourney videos will be posted at the Jelle’s Marble Racing YouTube Channel.

Not sure which marble team to root for? There’s an extensive fan page for that:

2015 – In Charleston, South Carolina, a white teen who embraced racist ideology and wanted to start a “race war” is arrested for shooting nine black people attending Bible study at Emanuel A.M.E. Church

June 18th


[Perspective] “A Warning From South Korea: The ‘Fantasy’ of Returning to ‘Normal'”

[Literature] “Beloved Writers on Nature as an Antidote to Depression”

[Fitness] “Walking is Making a Major Comeback”

[Technology] “Politicians, Police and Panera – Geofencing is Taking Over”

[Education] “5 Radical Schooling Ideas for This Fall and Beyond”


Love beautiful photos? Wish you could see beautiful sights in all 50 U.S. states?

Here’s a pretty cool site to bookmark and check on each Sunday in 2020:

“Photo Collections From Every State in the Union – A New Entry Every Sunday in 2020”


Here’s three of my favorites from the collection of my home state – Ohio.

Downtown Columbus as reflected in the Scioto River

It’s not Jelle’s Marble Racing, but I bet it’s fun to watch the Soap Box Derby anyway.


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