Presence Podcast: Words For Now and Later – G is for GIVING

If this is your first time visiting a post for (and hopefully also listening to) my “Words for Now and Later” sub-podcast, I recommend that you visit my first post in this feature for background on what I’m seeking to do with these special episodes.

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Words For Now and Later: G is for GIVING—G-is-For-GIVING-efhai8

And remember that you can listen to this episode (as well as any of the nearly 500 episodes I’ve recorded) via all of the post common podcast “pod-catching” apps.

In this episode, I reflect on Mr. Freeman’s words about giving. This quote in particular struck me as he talks about a “black market in giving”

“…it is how we redefine fairness outside the circles that malign the concept.

This black market economy in giving generosity is part of the way bodies, when borne down upon, reassemble in schools of joy – that is resistance” (p.42)—G-is-For-GIVING-efhai8

I could list may articles which tell about the giving via this “black market of giving” that is helping those most afflicted by COVID and also those who are stepping up and protesting for racial justice.

But it would be better for you to find out ways that you can give within your own neighborhood and community. If you’ve not yet downloaded and set up yourself on the NextDoor app, now might be a good time to do so as this is a great first way to connect.

NextDoor is not without its critics, so do understand that what you find on it could be a mixed bag.

And remember that one of the best ways to give, in the ways that Mr. Freeman understands the need to give is by political action. This MOXY app and the Global Citizen platform and related app are great places to start.

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