Pandemic Photos O’ Day 95

Once again, it’s late and I still need to get to the dishes, so after the top two features, just three (all good) things:

1958 – In California, 14 Mexican migrant workers die in a burning bus.

1971 – President Richard Nixon declares “War on Drugs,” contributing to 700% increase in U.S. prison population by 2007.

June 17th


First, a shout-out to the Catholic high school, from which I just resigned after teaching there for eight year.

The student leaders of the school released this vision statement based upon the six core values of the school community:


Second, white students from a largely white and Jewish small city within our Central Ohio metro-area put out this “21 Day Challenge”:


Finally, the image above and those below are from this heart-warming article – “There’s a Loophole Along the Closed U.S.-Canada Border. Couples Are Getting Married There.”

The grassy area between these two is the U.S. – Canada border (the man is standing in the U.S.)
And here’s their wedding photo at the Peace Arch Park which is both in the U.S. and Canada.

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