Pandemic Photos O’ Day 94

I just spent a bunch of time creating the next installment of my Pandemic Playlist – this one focused on videos of protest songs relevant to our present time of uprising in the U.S.A.

So, I’m going to keep this really brief as it’s pretty late right now.

First, the two “features” of each day:

1944 – South Carolina electrocutes George Stinney Jr., a 90 pound, black 14 year-old, after he is falsely accused of rape and murder; he is the youngest person executed in 20th century America.

June 16th


A follow up to the Pandemic Photo O’ Day from yesterday.

The name of the black protestor carrying an injured white counter-protestor to safety is Patrick Hutchinson.

“It was the right thing to do,” Hutchinson told Reuters TV on Monday. “We didn’t want the narrative changed and the focus taken away from what we are all fighting for, and that’s true equality.”


A special shout out of thanks to my friend Maria who emailed me the link to this artwork.

The idea behind these moving portraits is that the artist – Adrian Brandon – colored in the faces for the number of minutes connecting one to one for how many years old the black woman or man was when he/she died at the hands of the police.

Here’s just three of the portraits:

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