Pandemic Articles and Photos O’ Day 92

2005 – U.S. Congress formally apologizes for its failure to pass any of the 200 anti-lynching bills introduced from 1882 to 1968

June 13th
It took me a minute to “get” what this sign is saying!


I wasn’t able to post the link to “My” for Saturday the 14th. So, here’s a few good articles to compensate for it:

[Environment] “Blue-Sky Thinking: How Cities Can Keep Clean Air After Coronavirus”

[Faith] “Jesus Was Divisive: A Black Pastor’s Message to White Christians”

[Opinion] “Yes, Our Political System is Badly Broken, But It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way”

[Perspective] “When Black People Are In Pain, White People Just Join Book Clubs”

[Science, Reading] “Book Review: The Surprising Science of Walking”


The other day’s photo was of the Black Lives Matter that was painted on a few blocks of a D.C. Street.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and a good sign that a movement is rolling forward.

Here’s just a few of the cities and streets inspired by the bold move instituted by D.C.’s mayor:

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