Pandemic Articles and Photos O’ Day 91

2005 – U.S. Congress formally apologizes for its failure to pass any of the 200 anti-lynching bills introduced from 1882 to 1968.

June 13th


I ordered my Father’s Day gift to myself a few minutes ago. I’m going for high fashion this year as I ordered this face covering –

I was thinking of face masks today as I struggled with the one that I wore for the short time that I was out on Friday.

And I came across this article posted on site for religion and spiritual focused blogs – –

“7 Takes on Wearing a Mask” in which Anne Kennedy reflects:

I myself am not sick at the moment.

I don’t have a cold or a fever or anything.

I am basically fine, but for the sake of others, I have to put a shield over the source of my very own breath–my nose and mouth.

Of course, God is the source of my life, and whether I am wearing a mask or not, he knows the true state of my health and my soul.

But, for the sake of others, I can die a little death and cover my own breath, I can count the wide world as more significant than myself.

I need not even use it as another means of self-expression, writing something on the front to let you know who and how I am.

I can recede, I can decrease, I can let others and their good health go in front of me.


And I came across this “mile-stone” announcement today – “MAD Magazine Debuts Al Jaffee’s Final Fold-In Art” as this legendary cartoonist, now 99 years old, is retiring.

MAD Magazine has a very special place in my heart as I grew up as a voracious reader of it. And I am positive that my love as an adult for satire can be traced directly to the humor of MAD Magazine I read in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Here’s that final fold in….

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