Pandemic Photos, Video and Articles O’ Day 89

1967 – White police officer fatally shoots unarmed black teenager Martin Chambers in the back, setting off three days of riots in Tampa, Florida.

June 11th


First, this video posted a couple of days ago by the Washington Post. It’s a remarkably well-documented and clearly presented visual timeline of what happened when police used tear-gas on peaceful protesters near the White House so that POTUS could get a photo-op of him holding a Bible.

I highly encourage you to watch this video as this event may well be remembered as a “turning point” moment of US history in which the POTUS ordered (or one of his men did it for him) military and other police to attack protestors who were not threatening or doing violence.


[Viewpoint] “I’m an E.R. Doctor, Here’s What I Feel Comfortable Doing As My State Re-opens”

[Information] “How to Support the Struggle Against Police Brutality”

[Information] “When Will it Be Safe to Sing Together Again?”

[Information] “Yes, America Needs to Brace Itself for a Second Wave of COVID Cases”

[Religion] “After George Floyd’s Death, A Groundswell of Religious Activism”


The photo (an info-graphic actually) for today comes from this quite interesting article regarding a survey the NY Times took of 511 epidemiologists.

These experts were asked simply: “In what amount of time do you think you’ll feel comfortable again doing these activities”

Read the article to get some context on their answers and how this isn’t a “scientific” study.

Please do use this information wisely as you seek to decide what to do and what to avoid as we’re still in the midst of this unprecedented Pandemic Period.

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