READING! “My” for Sunday, June 7th

Happy Trinity Sunday! It’s a great day to start with this classic Trinitarian symbol:

Here’s the excellent sources that I feature each day – The Week and the Five Things to Know Today

The Conversation

Good News Network site

Creighton U. Daily Reflections

And here’s the link (which stays the same each day) to “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Sunday June 7th You can bookmark this link!

Just a few of the great articles at today’s “My”

“Press ‘Play’ and Inspire Yourself with these Self Enrichment Audio Books”

“Warmest Oceans on Record Adds to Hurricanes, Wildfires Risks”

“Should Dogs Be Citizens? It’s Not As Crazy as You Think” [This is an older article. As a new, first time dog honor, it caught my attention.]

“These Podcasts Will Expand Your Understanding of Racism”

“We Broke Down What Climate Change Will Do – Region by Region”

Lastly, I strong believe that we Christians need to explore what foundational doctrine of the Trinity of God shows us about God, ourselves, and everything!

Here’s a favorite icon of the Trinity which I keep with my prayer icons:

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