Pandemic Photos O’ Day 81

It’s late and I actually have to get up early for what is going to be the fullest, longest day in quite a while.

I’m going to forego the articles tonight and focus on two different sets of photos.

When I started writing this daily post, my goal was to share an image or two which somehow represented the uniqueness of this particular day within a larger, on-going historical period.

Sometimes the photo(s) would be very personal to me, e.g. something I discovered on a walk in my neighborhood.

Other times the photo(s) (especially lately) capture something happening beyond my own small life and personal experience of this day.

The photo above and this one here are of my classroom in which I taught for the past six years (out of the eight total I’ve been at that Catholic High School.) You see above my “prayer” table with icons, sacramental items, art and symbolic objects.

The far wall of my classroom – student art is to the left and on the right are liturgical (church year) calendars.

I share these photos as I cleared out my classroom on Tuesday since I am leaving this school and have taken a different teaching job at another Catholic school here in Columbus.

Before I show you the paired “before” and “after” photos, here are a few photos of our current national situation which I found in various places online today:

Times Square in NYC – note the many medics protesting here too.

Be honest – who’d you rather hangout with the dudes on horses or the military drones guarding what is likely the very last place in D.C. violent instigators would try to harm since it is a one of the most “sacred” secular sites for freedom and justice in our nation.

Maybe those figures above aren’t drones, but rather droids:

Back to the work that I did today. Here’s a couple of “before” and “after” pairs:

These are from the door side of the room looking in.
The reverse angle from the ones above
The end of an eight year period of my life.


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