Presence Podcast: Words For Now and Later: F is for FAIR

If this is your first time visiting a post for (and hopefully also listening to) my “Words for Now and Later” sub-podcast, I recommend that you visit my first post in this feature for background on what I’m seeking to do with these special episodes.

Here’s how to stream this episode from the device on which you’re viewing this post:

Words For Now and Later: F is for FAIR–F-is-For-FAIR-ees07a

And remember that you can listen to this episode (as well as any of the nearly 500 episodes I’ve recorded) via all of the post common podcast “pod-catching” apps.

In this episode I reflect on a metaphor which Freeman uses in talking about the “super-heated rupture” which can cause a society to suddenly shift in the direction towards more fairness and ultimately justice for its people.

Here’s an image of the super-heated sand (with a few other chemical compounds) being blown and shaped into glass:

As I mentioned in the episode, a few years ago I had the unique pleasure of visiting the Corning (NY) Museum of Glass where I witnessed this process in person and up-close.

If you’ve never seen glass blown (in person or otherwise) is fascinating to watch and I imagine quite difficult to do well.

If that video (and/or the podcast episode) got you excited about metaphorical or actual glass blowing, here’s how you can simulate it in your own home:

Back to the “super-heated rupture” (and away from the apple jolly ranchers which fueled my middle-school days) in which our society is these difficult days.

I close this post with a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson which I featured in an early post during this Pandemic Period:

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