Pandemic Photos and Articles O’ Day 79

It was a calmer and quieter day on Sunday as I attended a prayer service and not a protest.

Here’s a few notable recent articles:

[Information] “How to Buy Face Masks – According to Medical Experts”

[IMPT Information] “Coronavirus May Be A Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything”

[Perspective] “The Climate Crisis is Racist. The Answer is Anti-Racist”

[Information] “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice”

[Opinion] “The Theology of Riot”

Saturday’s Pandemic Photo O’ Day was about the protest I attended at the Ohio Statehouse and how the police used tear gas and pepper spray on the peaceful protesters.

Here’s a few updates…

First, the pepper spraying of our U.S. Representative made national news on Politico as well as on Vox. The Politico article is interesting as it features a video (which I did not see yesterday) in which you witness the police hassling a protester and hear Rep. Beatty telling the office to “Don’t elevate things.”

That confrontation as well as video and photos of additional excessive use of force led our Columbus mayor to say:

“I saw a number of pictures and videos from a variety of different places yesterday and I shared very directly and clearly with the chief that that did not meet my or the community’s expectations for how we engage peaceful protesters,” said [Mayor] Ginther.

Ginther said the chief is making changes to how officers respond to protesters, but he did not elaborate on what those changes would be. A police spokesperson did not return a message seeking clarification.

On Sunday, protesters were allowed into the large Capital Square Plaza – a location which was closed to protestors as a congregating place on Saturday. Also, the Ohio State Highway Patrol were calmly on duty (and not in full riot gear) Sunday and not surprisingly the scene was quiet and peaceful:

And here’s a couple of inspiring items that I found:

Newark, Ohio is a growing “exurb” town about 20 miles to the east of Columbus

The prayer service I went to on Pentecost Sunday Afternoon was hosted by a non-denominational church in Westerville (population 40,000) northeast of downtown Columbus.

I was moved by the solemnity of the service presented by this predominately white congregation.

Here’s how the invitation was presented to the community:

The heart of the service was eight minutes and forty-six seconds of complete silence to remember George Floyd and how he was murdered in that amount of time.

I was so grateful to be a guest at a different denomination’s service on this Sunday in the midst of suffering and racially based violence.

It felt like the best possible way to both celebrate Pentecost and to begin a new week in which begins a new month.

Let us hope and pray that both this new week and month will be better than the week and month ended.

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